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Here's me and you can see the fridge in the background. That's because I don't have fancy photos. 🤔

My name is Sergei and I'm a developer. Officially, I'm a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM. But I don't believe in titles.

My last name is not Orlow, it's Orlov. In my own defense, is taken by someone else. And it's not used. Such a loss. Whatever. I replaced v with w because "Mr. Wilford". Also, because w sounds like v in German. No, I don't speak German, just showing off.

I currently live in Moscow, Russia, but I used to live in the Far East, on Sakhalin, and in Vladivostok. And I've seen many bears. 🧸

I used to play the guitar well when I was younger but I had a rage quit for 10 years. Recently, I bought a Lava Me.

I'm also learning drawing so you'll probably see my clumsy images here and there. But I am superior at stupid jokes. Yeah, I don't run after them either.

If you ever decide to reach me out, ping me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm always there with DMs open. Thanks for reading! 🎉

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I don't have comments set up on my blog. But I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on what you've just read. If you would like to discuss something, we can have a chat on Twitter.